Berkeley is transforming a disregarded brownfield site into a new destination with nature at its heart. This 88-acre development will be a place rich in flora and fauna and when completed, will become one of the most biodiverse developments in the UK.

TGQ Central Gardens


Kings Coronation Celebrations 2023

In spite of the rain, we had ourselves a Right Royal Knees Up to celebrate The Kings Coronation. We’d like to thank each and everyone of you who showed up to watch this momentous occasion. The day featured games, music, food and drink and was attended by well over 150 of you. Keep an eye out on this page for details of upcoming events at The Green Quarter.

King’s Coronation celebrations 2023
Jubilee Party 2022


We run a range of events for the local community at The Green Quarter.  We will post updates of what is coming up here.

The Green Quarter holds regular events for the local community – over the last year we’ve hosted the King’s Coronation Party, the opening of a community mural on the Grand Union Canal, and welcomed residents to a variety of summer screenings at Central Gardens.

Central Gardens Opening

Jubilee Celebration

TGQ Nature Workshop June 2021

Did you know?

The Green Quarter is already home to a thriving community of people, with around a thousand new residents already living there.

We want you to be part of it and we run regular events, so make sure you pop into The Green Quarter and spend some time with us… 

The Green Quarter CGIs

The Green Quarter will deliver 3,750 homes.

It will also deliver 13 acres of parkland, with up to half the development as open green space for everyone to enjoy.

2 new footbridges will open up 90 acres of Minet Country Park, combining with The Green Quarter to give you access to some of London’s best and most biodiverse green space.

A health centre, primary school, nursery, and community centre will create fantastic new spaces for the community.

Two new bus services will give great access to The Green Quarter, alongside a new entrance connecting the site to the A312.

Working in conjunction with London Wildlife Trust, The Green Quarter will provide:

  • Two brand new parks – Central Gardens and The Wetlands, providing over 13 acres of new parkland for all to enjoy.
  • Over 1km of reinstated tow path along the Grand Union Canal.
  • A new footbridge linking to the adjacent 90-acre Minet Country Park – which Berkeley are investing £1.8m in.
  • At least 2,500 trees being planted across the development.
  • A multitude of habitats from grassland, woodland, ponds to a wetlands.
  • Habitats for London priority species including bats, butterflies, finches, thrushes, and raptors.
  • Green roofs across the development.
  • Over 17 acres of Podium Gardens.
  • The Wetlands will have 6,000m3 of water with varying depths creating a mosaic of aquatic habitat, marginal planting, reed bed, marsh, and flower rich grassland.
The Green Quarter CGIs
The Green Quarter CGIs

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