The original design work for The Green Quarter masterplan started over 15 years ago. Since then, much has changed and The Mayor of London has implemented the new London Plan 2021, which set a new direction for planning policy in London. 

This, along with Ealing’s current Local Plan review, which is out for consultation, means that it is time to look again at The Green Quarter and see if the opportunity exists to revisit future phases.

We are reviewing the original planning permission to ensure that we make the best use of the site. The Green Quarter can support many more homes, and – at the same time – deliver wider community benefits for Southall.

Simply by building future phases at a similar density to those already completed at The Green Quarter to date, Phases 4 – 9 could deliver 5,500 new homes, which would include more genuinely affordable homes. This would bring the total number of homes in The Green Quarter to approximately 8,100.

 Wetlands and access to nature

The revised masterplan will include an extensive area of wetlands alongside the extended central gardens. This along with the other open spaces planned for The Green Quarter will ensure it becomes a place for all of Southall to enjoy.

“The Green Quarter wetlands is about to reawaken a lost landscape. We are going to create one of the UK’s finest examples of urban regeneration that puts biodiversity and nature at its heart” David Mooney – London Wildlife Trust.

 20-minute neighbourhood

The Green Quarter is a vital connecting place; it helps to create a 20-minute neighbourhood that provides access to all the amenities one needs. A 20-minute neighbourhood is a place where people can walk or cycle to things like shops, schools, parks, and local services within 20 minutes.

Walking and cycle routes through The Green Quarter will create better access to the Grand Union Canal, Minet Country Park, and more widely to the north, south, east and west of London. It will create new connections that will cut walking times to a range of local services and shops.

Connecting nature

Access to nature and green space is a vital part of people’s wellbeing. The masterplan for The Green Quarter will connect to Minet Country Park via two footbridges, giving valuable access for Southall’s community.

Working with the London Wildlife Trust, our masterplan delivers green connections, with the central gardens, new wetlands, and access to the Grand Union Canal. We will provide improvements in urban greening factor, biodiversity net gain, and habitats for local wildlife.


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