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Celebrating One Year of Community Excellence with the Community Engagement Steering Group 

It’s been an incredible 12 months since the launch of our Community Engagement Steering Group (CESG) at The Green Quarter! For the past year, the CESG has been hard at work, uniting local business owners, residents, and community organisations to strengthen our community bonds. From guiding activities and events to managing the Community Chest Programme, the CESG has empowered positive change within our community. We look forward to many more years of community excellence! 


The Spring 2023 edition of The Green Quarter Newsletter is out now. Inside this issue, you can find out about our newly formed Community Engagement Steering Group, our engagement work with local schools and relive all the fun from our King’s Coronation event. 

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Community Consultation Report

Over the last few months we have conducted an extensive survey to seek feedback on the community’s views about The Green Quarter development.

We carried out several engagement exercises to gather meaningful feedback from the local community. This included: knocking on over 1,000 doors, running a street stall, mailing a newsletter to over 6,000 homes and businesses and setting up a Community Engagement Steering Group to represent the wide range of stakeholders in the area.

The Results are in!

Now that the results are in, the comprehensive consultation report can be downloaded right here on our website. 

The report demonstrates the level of community support for the creation of new housing at The Green Quarter, what people think about Southall, whether they could imagine living here in 10 years’ time and much more.

Furthermore, the report outlines the community engagement work undertaken and provides an overview of what has happened at The Green Quarter so far. You can also find a timeline tracing the history of the site and Southall back to 1587.

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